Anti Ragging Cell

Anti Ragging Cell

Ragging is strictly banned in Mallige College of Nursing. If anybody found indulge in such kind of activities, strict action will be taken irrespective of the extent of the act. Ragging is banned by the Supreme Court of India. In order to prevent such kind of activity in campus, an anti-ragging committees has been formed is operational even before the start of First year classes by the Director/ Principal.


Ragging is neither a means of familiarization, nor an introduction with fresher’s, but a form of Psychopathic behaviour. Ragging is a violation of Human Rights. Respect for Humanitarian Values. Ragging is a heinous crime, heavily punishable under the law. Ragging may spoil your career forever.

Punishment to those found guilty

Any student or group of students found guilty of ragging in the campus or even outside the campus shall be liable to one or more of the following punishments

  • Debarring from appearing in any sessional test / University Examination
  • Suspension from attending classes and academic privileges
  • Withdrawing scholarships and other benefits
  • Suspension from the college for a period of one month


  • To create awareness among students with respect to ill effects of ragging and necessary rules and regulations of the college, hostel, etc., for discipline academic environment.
  • To address any ragging issues immediately and take action as recommended by the committee.
  • To ensure vigilance with respect to ragging and indiscipline.


  • Principal is the chairman who creates awareness about ragging and indiscipline during the first year induction programme.
  • Principal takes the decisions and corrective measures with respect to any ragging and indiscipline.
  • Members to create awareness about ragging and indiscipline in the respective classes.
  • Members to counsel victims of ragging and the offender for the offense.